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I cannot choose my sex being born. 

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Founder and Chairperson of Transgender Resource Center

Joanne 於2012年被香港的Baccarat時尚生活雜誌選為「四十五位四十五歲以下令香港帶來改變的人士」。2014年獲HER Fund頒首屆「她。敢於改變」奬項,同年於日內瓦向聯合國反映香港跨性別歧視狀況,為首位華人以跨性別身份發言。2017年被美國領事館(香港及澳門)提名國際勇敢女性獎,於三月被邀到華盛頓出席興祝活動。
Joanne was born as a boy in Hong Kong and completed her Sex Reassignment Surgery in 2009 after struggling for over 40 years. Yet she still insists to claim herself as a Transgender Lesbian even after she has acquired her legal sex as a female. She is now a public figure in the LGBT movement devoted to the supporting works in the community as well as advocacy for LGBT rights in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
She founded Transgender Resource Center (TGR) in 2008 and have been the chairperson since then. The aim of the organization is promoting public understanding and acceptance regarding the transgender community, and to provide resources and support for transgender people.
In 2012, Joanne has been selected one of the "45 People aged 45 or below making a difference in Hong Kong" by Baccarat Magazine and in 2013 she has also been granted the “She dare to change” Award by HER Fund. In 2016, Joanne has taken a big step forward in the LGBT movement by joining the Democratic Party as the first transgender politician in Hong Kong and participated in the Legislative Council pre-election trying to push for change not only for LGBT people.
In 2017, the U.S. Consulate Hong Kong and Macau has selected Joanne as this year’s nominee for the Secretary’s International Women of Courage Award honoring women who have demonstrated exceptional courage, strength, and leadership in acting to improve others' lives.
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